Winx Club (PS2) - more OOB spots and sightseeing (part 1) ігра вінкс скачать

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Yay, more Winx Club glitching! This time I co-broke this game with Kazooie who was visiting earlier today, and we managed to find many more out of bounds situations that even lead to sequence breaks. In some clips he is the player too.I: a very easy spot to go OOB in the first mountain climbing scene of the game. This allows an alternate route through the level as it is possible to continue jumping and gain height when out of bounds. Too bad the loading trigger is so high - it probably won't save time this way because jumping up takes so long. With practice (or in a TAS at least) it would probably be possible to stay right on the line between OOB and in-bounds and utilize normal height jumps to rise up very quickly, and that would definitely be a big time save in this area.II: the next one is from the second mountain climbing screen. It probably won't save any time to use it, but at least the application of techniques here is interesting. You go a bit inside the wall using the sparkle thingy on the ground. Then, by positioning yourself behind the lamp pole you are not thrown back out the moment you jump, allowing you to get further OOB!Also, when we tried this, it was already after having defeated the boss at the top. It's unknown if something interesting would happen by doing this the first time in this place.III: a random wall clip by running into the girl here. Marginally useful in a 100% run?IV: by falling between the shelf and the wall (are you serious?) you are able to go OOB in this area of the school.V: shoving oneself behind a door that opens to the wrong direction.VI: the visibility can be pretty crappy while OOB. Here's an example of going accidentally back in-bounds because of not seeing crap.VII and VIII: you can get early into the headmistress's room, but nothing interesting seems to happen here at this point.IX: there are these strange insect objects out of bounds in pretty much every screen of this school.X: going OOB in the dance hall! Jam yourself behind this door, and at one point you are able to start infinite jumping. Then rise up and jump over the adjacent wall... but this doesn't seem to lead to interesting skips either.Kazooie's channel:
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